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How to Change the SART Battery (JRC)

            Down load this page Here..>>> SART BATT Change by 2M Gio Calsado This is a Free Downloadable/Do not Sell or  use the images to other website/Please Give Credit to...


Family over Career

<a href=”http://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/family”>Family vector designed by Freepik</a>   Why do we have to choose between these two words if we can keep them both? It may be simple and easy but FAMILY is hard to...



Technologies today had gone so far, which makes some of the equipment and practices on board become obsolete and must be debunked. We had plenty of amendment from ISM, SOLAS, ISPS and other new...


Dino Game

    At First i was shocked when i saw a T-Rex running on my desktop, I discovered that my Wifi Connection was cut off, and this Dino just showed up, I tried it...